US $ 30 billion for the Electric Remote

Remote areas in Indonesia are in dire need of power supply. Because it’s very important to build power plants in order to encourage the development and economic growth. It takes an investment of at least US $ 30 billion to serve electricity in remote areas.


Artissa Panjaitan said, Low-Emission development strategy Coordinator Indonesia Climate Change Center (ICCC), Wednesday (15/01/2014) in discussions of national climate change Council in Jakarta. “The required Investment of US $ 30 billion, but the growth of the construction could reach US $ 6 billion per year,” he said.


According to Artissa, the provision of electricity in remote areas is actually very beneficial to all parties. Investors will not be harmed because the capital could quickly return. With the presence service in remote areas, then the economic community will grow and Governments will benefit in a macro.


Saaat this, the Government can only supply meet 75 percent of the electricity needs of her people. New power you can enjoy the urban communities. While residents in remote areas, still do not enjoy the supply of electricity. Therefore, the ICC provides a solution to provide 24-hour electricity supply throughout the year in remote areas by building gas-fueled power plants or biomass.


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